The Ultimate Instagram Guide

Learn the exact step-by-step formula I used to gain over 50k engaged Instagram followers.

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About this book

I’ll make a few educated guesses…

You have a business or blog, but you just can’t figure out how to pull enough traffic to your website or social media

You’ve been posting awesome contents, but you just aren’t getting enough likes and comments

You have a really good product or a very reputable service, but you just can’t seem to make reasonable sales

You’re gaining some followers, but they aren’t users with the potential to patronize

You need your business to pick up momentum asap so you can ditch that 9 to 5 job finally

 I totally get it, I’ve been through all that!

If you currently find yourself in those categories mention above then I must congratulate you for locating the perfect remedy to your problems! This Book will reveal the most effective strategies regarded and cherished as top secret by the few who possess them, every single guideline detailed was borne of years of research and practical experience. In terms of online presence, making this purchase is the absolute best choice you can make for your business.

Ultimate Instagram guide will show you EXACTLY how I grew my 200,000 creative network through growth hacking tactics with step by step images.

I successfully cracked the Instagram code. I figured out exactly how to use Instagram to build a loyal following and generate income as a top Instagram influencer in the creative design Niche.

and now, I want to share that knowledge with you!


If you succeed in purchasing this book, below are what you will learn.

Increasing your online presence

This Book will teach you how to position yourself to be seen by large audiences, you will learn the secrets of the Instagram algorithm and the best ways to use it to boost your organic reach.

Converting followers to sales

We all understand that the primary goal of every business is profit, there is an entire sub-section specifically dedicated to making money on Instagram. it’s also fully equipped with practical guidelines.

Growing your followers

Despite seeming difficult to accomplish, this goal is broken down into little steps with tips tricks and strategies that are absolutely foolproof. You’ll very soon begin to observe a steady improvement in your rate of gaining followers and also an increase in engagement.

Becoming an influencer

This has to be one of the biggest social media trends of the past few years, this eBook will teach you how to amass a large loyal audience and leverage on your numbers to command relevance in a specific niche.

How to set up your bio properly

You’ll learn to avoid  very limiting mistakes in your profile and also how to construct your Instagram bio to attractively present your information and effectively drive traffic to your product.

How to create captivating content

With Instagram being heavily reliant on content quantity, you’ll learn to properly satisfy this demand without sacrificing creativity or the quality of your posts. you will also learn to create captivating and action-driven captions to ensure maximum engagement.

” It would’ve been entirely impossible for me to figure these things out on my own, I have a very busy schedule and a very strict limit on the times I devote to social media. This book helped me harness what little resources I had and channel them into actually getting results. “

Petar Trlajic, Phone Designer.

” I just have to say, I was totally blown away by the contents of this book. You really didn’t bother with unnecessary stuff but went straight to the point. Now I see a lot of things I’ve not been doing and also some things I’ve been doing wrong all along, these are the little things that are making a world of difference in the status of my account. Thanks a lot. “

Chiddy Nicole, Blogger.

” I’ve had my account for years now and what’s really amazing is that the amount of progress I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks, greatly surpasses the progress I’ve made in all these years. I had totally lost hope in the platform but this went the entire way in renewing my belief in social media. “

Uche Emmanuel, Artist.


The most frequent questions I get asked, all answered below!

How effective is Instagram?

Instagram is a visual platform with easy access and hundreds of millions of users, there’s no better place to do your business online.

Will this Book improve my sales?

Every single user who learnt and consistently implemented the guidelines in this book came back with success stories and I’m certain you will too.

Is this for beginners?

Beginners, intermediates, pros, veterans and everyone. Absolutely everyone has valuable insights to gain from this book

What if I lose my purchase?

You are perfectly safe, you can always send in an email with your order details and a new download will be made available for you.

How fast can I get results

This is largely dependent on the time and effort you’re willing to put in. You will most likely get 1000 followers and more after just a few days of diligent practice with these techniques.

Do you offer refunds

Due to the nature of this product, refunds are offered only in cases of technical and logistical errors reported as soon as possible. Refunds will not be issued on grounds of misuse.

How can I contact you?
Why are you not charging more?

To be honest, there’s a lots of space at the top and if people learn to find their way here, there’s absolutely no harm being done. That’s why this was made as affordable as possible so as to enable the vast majority of users to harness this valuable pieces of information and improve their online presence.

Is this an instant download?

This is a digital product and it is made available for download immediately after payment is processed.

How many pages is this book?

100 pages with step by step images.

Who is this book best for

This book is best for people who would like to get more likes, followers and comments, boost engagement and make more money on Instagram. Everyone has something to gain here

Can I get a physical copy?

The physical version will be explored in the near future, but currently the digital version is all that is available.

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