Terms & Conditions

Firstly, you must understand that I am fully aware of every DM’s and every post you have tagged me in. Except mentions in captions however, primarily because of the sheer volume of notifications, it becomes very difficult to check for such. I still put in a conscious effort to check the captions, but this can only happen intermittently.

How free repost works:
As mentioned above, this is totally free, no hidden charges. It does however have modalities; if you’re a first-timer and you send me your work via dm, your uploads will be initially assessed and if they meet the standard, I will repost. If the specific post you shared does not meet the same set standard, (because impressing the audience is a topmost priority), I will take the liberty of going through your uploads and selecting a post that will perform better on my page (I only do this for first-timers), and repost. In return, you’ll get the exposure you want.

So, when you create a new post (a new project), you can either send it to me via DM or tag me in that post (don’t tag me in the caption, there is a 100% chance I won’t see it.). Once I see your post, and it’s UP, TO MY SET STANDARD, you’ll surely get a repost.

Now let’s talk about the paid plans:

Before we get started take your time to check out my prices here >> http://bit.ly/2WZq17a
And Feel free to select a plan of your choice.

I am only going to focus my attention on the standard package: (Also the most popular for creatives) If you order this, you’ll get 3 reposts on my account within a period of 7 days that will be selected for you. You can however still tag me to a newly completed project or send it in a DM, even if the 7 day period has commenced. If it turns out exceptional, I will repost it as an added bonus, summing up to a total of 4 reposts.
If you send me the new project and I don’t like it, I will repost in my stories (depending on the standard of the post)

Note: The priced plans are totally optional, you can always get your work reposted for free by tagging me to them (free package).

What’s more? The paid plans get you a manual repost of your work on our Facebook page (8k and growing), Tiktok (over 90k), and Twitter. This means I will create the posts myself and include links to your profile.

The free plan however will get you an automated share to Facebook, your username will not be Clickable. The free package also gets you free reposts on Twitter and TikTok, only if your work is an animation.

Goodluck 😊

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